Find A New Way

/Rise Against – Savior, Survive/
/Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug/

As the semester continues to unfold and midterms pass I feel as though now is the perfect time for this blog to endure a state of transition, too.

Up to this point I’ve written exclusively about technology — how we experience it, use it, perceive it, and ultimately, how we are affected by it. With that in mind, the title of this blog seems to imply that a second side of the coin exists: a side that I’ve intentionally avoided. An issue that is as intuitive as it is mysterious: the concept of identity.

Who am I in this vast world?
What does it mean to be an individual within our culture?
How does one reconcile the state of the world?
And lastly, what is the ego? — What is ultimate responsibility for our actions?

In the weeks to come I will explore these questions at length, reveal the mysteries that keep me up at night, and above all else, I will invite you to share in them with me.

Thank you for your time.