80’s Night

I need to confess something at the outset: I listened (and sang along) to this music video before writing this post. Needless to say the effects of the video were instant: even I do not know if my moral compass will ever return. If you, the reader, have any sense of decency you will take that into account before passing judgment. C’est la vie.

I’ve often heard it said that technology lends itself quite nicely to market segmentation. That is, the concept that –due to the faculties of technology– content is now so readily customized that, we as consumers don’t need (or want) material outside of our own specialized little bubbles. Well (pardon my 90’s) hong-kong-phooey to that.

The reality is that the biggest platforms of the web would beg to disagree. Websites and services like Pandora, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are all about sharing material between users. It’s the reason why, as an advertising student living in Texas, I have interests in topics as wide and varied as one can imagine.

Technology is the tool that has enabled these interests. In fact: technology is the sole reason as to why I’m bellowing out a crescendo of unseemly energy deep into the night. So don’t blame Canada. Don’t blame Billy Idol: blame the internet.

TLDR: Apparently it’s 80’s night at casa de Witt … and technology is to blame.