On football, food, and family.

I spent the afternoon out in Burnet, helping my father adhere a post to the side of his fence. Ever imagine how it feels standing idly in the cold rain for a few hours with a handful of rusty nails? It’s great. Try it sometime.

The evening was a little more relaxed. We sat as a family and watched the Superbowl. Despite only living an hour or so away, I don’t often find a chance to come out and visit — so it was a nice change of pace. Of course we gathered around the television, offering opinions and insights into every little advertisement that presented itself.

Tonight, however, I took the opportunity to make a mental note each and every time the web was consulted for information. Bruno Mars’ age? 28. The name of that vaguely familiar actor? Ron Riggle. Is it true that 24 is really coming back? Apparently so. Each and every time anyone in the room used a device to retrieve information I made note of it.

The next question is naturally a resounding: why? Why does it matter? Perhaps I’m being a tad pedantic here, but I can’t help but feel that these incidents symbolize how technology is changing our lives. Now, when we’re presented with a question, we simply whisk ourselves away to the nearest web-enabled device to consult the all-powerful Google. Why endure the slow and tedious process of recalling such information ourselves when the magic of the internet has it available on-hand at all hours of the day? It’s a conundrum that we all fail to reconcile in the face of our undeniable dependency on these services.

… Somewhere in there was a profound thought transitioning seamlessly into a conclusion. I’m afraid I’ve lost it. Oh well. Take a pair of dancing alligators and an awesome music video as consolation. Chalk this one up to a short retention span produced from technological dependencies born within our society. Or something else. It’s all good.